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Some of the places I have 'surfed' to have been absolutely shocking. Many are an absolute waste of disk space but I would defend the right of the htmanglers to mangle html in their own way.

Conversly, I have also visited some absolutely stunning sites with brilliant graphics and fabulous effects.

This site is neither stunning or (hopefully) crappy. It has been designed for access by as many different types of browser as possible and also for access by people with disabilities. I hope that it is successful in this aim. There is no content on this page apart from this text and a page about our company.

Please take the time to visit the other sections and leave a comment on the content, design, or anything else.

In any case, this page is not submitted to any search engines, nor is it mentioned on any other links even from the other sites of ours so you had to alter an existing url to get here. Congratulations but, in a misquote from "A League of Gentlemen", 'This is a local page for local people. There is nothing for you here!'

At least have a bit of a look at some of my other partly finished projects. I do update them from time to time some of them might be useful to you, or not.

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