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Founded July 1998 to continue the development of our Y2K product which was subsequently marketed globally under license to a number of different companies.

Produced under the names Xcess 2000, Comply 2000, Y2K Check and Fix, Maya 2000, MMG 2000, NS 2000, EZY2K, KIY2K and others. Yep, we sold a few. And they worked.

Now Kentberry International is sharing two critically important (to us anyway) subjects. The first is "How to become Totally Debt Free" and the extension "How to develop Personal Wealth". Click to check it out.

The second is How to give New Writers a way to Publish their First Work. Click to check it out.I love both sites. One for what You can do with the information - which is free and complete. We didn't hold back on you at all.

The second for the massive pool of previously undiscovered talent that keeps on surfacing. It is so exciting to watch what happens. The interaction between the Readers and the Writers as they both attempt to improve the work. Pure Genius.

Anyway, you can contact me via email , Telephone +61 8 87268083 , Facsimile +61 8 87232625 , Mobile +61 408824022. Or you could use dead tree mode and snail mail to Kentberry International, PO Box 1761, Mount Gambier, SA 5290, Australia.

Check out the sites and let me know what you think and how we can make them better.